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Instant access to your folders!

ExpressFolders is a tool to quickly access and open your folders on disk and on the network.

Main benefits

  • Save lots of time because all folders that you're using frequently are always within instant reach.
  • Working with folders becomes more effortless and convenient: You no longer have to click through deep folder structures again and again or create countless shortcuts to folders on your desktop.
  • You can reach network destinations instantly without having to browse through a probably slow network structure first.

How it works

ExpressFolders automatically integrates with Windows Explorer and tracks all folders you're using.

With the separate ExpressFolders application, you can access all tracked folders and reopen them at lightning speed: 

You can also create a list of folder favorites:

ExpressFolders offers powerful options to customize the program according to your needs:

Download and try now

Download and try ExpressFolders 30 days for free!

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